Annie Savoy
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Annie Savoy

Bull Durham

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About Her

Living… in Durham, N.C., the home of the great minor league baseball team, the Durham Bulls.  

Profession... “mentor.” That seems as good a title as any for Annie’s special skills. Each spring training, Annie selects one player from the minor league Durham Bulls to take into her boudoir for the season. Once he’s there, she imparts to the lucky man her vast wisdom on love, sex and spirituality, and also offers perspective on how he might fine-tune his baseball fundamentals. “What I give them lasts a lifetime,” Annie says. “What they give me lasts 142 games. Sometimes it seems like a bad trade.”

Interests… Walt Whitman, Edith Piaf, candles, and bondage – preferably all at the same time.

Relationship Status… torn between two men. During this particular season, two players on the Bulls, Ebby Calvin “Nuke” LaLoosh and Crash Davis, duke it out for Annie’s love. The young Calvin triumphs initially, though in fairness the more worldly Crash bowed out once he saw it was a competition. But Calvin is baffled when she keeps him up all night reciting poetry. 

Challenge… molding Calvin in her own image, and trying to get Crash out of her mind. She likely picked Calvin because as a young, wild kid – both on the field and in the bedroom – he’s more obviously in need of her unorthodox instruction. As she tells him, “When you know how to make love, you'll know how to pitch.” Yet it’s the man who doesn’t need her, the wizened veteran Crash, that she can’t seem to shake. Maybe it’s because she knows if she dated Crash it wouldn’t just be a fling, which is part of the point of her one-player-per-year plan.

Personality… articulate, cosmic, hyper-confident. Annie is a unique Southern belle who knows what she wants. She is both content and financially able to spend her days reading poetry and attending Bulls games. She is a deeply spiritual person who views baseball first and foremost through a spiritual lens. 

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