Annie Marks

Annie Marks

    Good Girls
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in an unstable home. Annie’s real mom was her sister Beth who essentially raised her because their parents weren’t there for them. 


Living… in a Michigan suburb in a run-down apartment with her daughter Sadie who has come to realize she is a boy trapped in a girl’s body. Sadie’s father is pressing for custody because he thinks Annie is financially unstable, but Annie can’t imagine life without Sadie. Annie needs to find enough money to hire a lawyer to defend her in a bitter custody battle.


Profession… minimum wage worker at Fine & Frugal, a local grocery market. Her manager Boomer hits on her all the time, and she’s fed up with his unwanted advances.


Relationship Status… single. Annie got pregnant with Sadie as a teen, and she hasn’t had much success in the romance department since then. 


Challenge… stealing the money she needs to pay lawyer fees. Together with her sister Beth who needs to pay her mortgage and their friend Ruby who needs to fund her daughter’s medical treatments, they plan to steal the cash in the vault of Fine & Frugal, which Annie estimates to be $30,000. They researched where the cameras are, they made a blueprint of the store, and came armed with their kids’ toy pistols. As it turns out, Annie’s estimate of $30,000 “give or take” was grossly inaccurate and, instead, they have made off with half a million dollars. But after celebrating victory and buying a new Porsche and most of the Apple store with her one-third share, Annie is visited by Rio, a gang member who holds a gun and demands his cash back with interest. Apparently, Rio's drug cartel has been laundering their money through Fine & Frugal.  


Personality… scrappy, wise-cracking, and hot-headed. Annie is a free spirit who doesn’t always think things through. Even during the robbery, she stops to talk to a child in the store and asks her if she likes Doc McStuffins. Although she’s technically a criminal and can be irresponsible, Annie brings a breath of fresh air to everyone around her.  


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