Annie Edison

Annie Edison

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… an exceptional student with a 4.0 GPA, she dropped out of high school due to a panic attack induced in part by an Adderall addiction (hence the nickname “little Annie Adderall”). Against her mother’s wishes, Annie confronted her addiction by admitting herself to rehab, which led to an estrangement with her family. It was in rehab that she decided to attend Greendale Community College.

Living...  in Greendale, Colo., just blocks away from school in a seedy part of town. She lives directly above an all-night sex shop called Dildopolis. Unfortunately it’s the only place she can afford. Without any financial support from her family, Annie is surviving off her savings.

Profession… student at Glendale Community College (GCC), with a major in healthcare management. Smart, organized, and peppy, Annie is constantly flirting with a nervous breakdown, yet still manages to function as the brain of the Greendale study group. Jeff might get most of the credit, but it’s Annie who does what's really important: ensuring everyone passes Spanish.

Interests... all things school-related. And she isn’t shy about it: “I know you’re all wondering how I do it. How do I balance straight A’s, extracurriculars, and Israeli folk dancing every Friday night?” She is usually found with her nose in her studies or engaged with her study group, an intimate batch of seven students.

Relationship Status... single. Annie would like to hand her heart over to her study-group member Troy, who was her high school crush (and a big reason she picked GCC). She’s really starting to blossom in college after her often difficult high school years.

Challenges… overcoming her addiction and mental issues despite her lack of family support. At least she attacks matters head-on: “Morning’, boys. I’m Annie Edison, but people call me Psycho because I had a nervous breakdown in high school.” Coping with the repercussions of such setbacks, she has committed to a less-desired option of furthering her academic career at Greendale CC, despite being definite Ivy League material. But perhaps fending for herself will be the best thing for her.

Personality... type A. Highly organized, academically competitive and always focused on her grades, she is a definite bookworm. She’s often referred as the only one in her study group who actually knows how to study. Even in rehab, she was voted “most likely to succeed.” Despite her innocent demeanor, she is a hopeless romantic and often fixated on an inappropriate crush. She’s still maturing as a woman and grown-up, but she’ll get there.


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