Annette Hargrove
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Annette Hargrove

Cruel Intentions

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About Her

Grew up… to become a devout Christian. Annette, despite her lush upbringing, is no jaded socialite – she truly believes in Jesus’s power to inspire and heal.

Living… in close proximity to the charming and sophisticated Sebastian Valmont. Annette has been getting a lot of attention from Sebastian, who has a reputation as a Lothario. Annette, who has vowed to save herself for marriage, doesn’t want to have anything to do with Sebastian.

Interests… promoting the idea of chastity. Annette has penned a manifesto of sorts: she has decided to let the world know about her celibacy. “People shouldn’t experience the act of love until they’re in love,” she says.

Relationship Status… falling for Sebastian, despite her best efforts not to. Annette is not aware that Sebastian’s interest in her began as a mere game. She was, initially, supposed to be just another one of his conquests, until he started to fall for her as well. “Relationships seem too distracting,” she says. “I’d rather concentrate on my studies.” But despite her beliefs, she’s not immune to his charms.

Challenge… being true to her beliefs, even when they’re being tested to the limit by Sebastian’s charm and sensuality. Annette has never been so tempted to let go of her vow of chastity – she just needs to make sure that Sebastian’s intentions are honorable. She wanted to wait until marriage, but if they’re in love…?

Personality… virtuous, tough, and intelligent. Annette seems to be incorruptible. Sebastian initially describes her as “a paradigm of chastity and virtue.” But will he change that?

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