Anne Weying

Anne Weying

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... contentedly, in San Francisco. Anne seems to have the dream life—an impressive job, a great fiancée, and a wonderful apartment. Of course, sometimes all it takes is one mistake for things to come crashing down.

Profession... lawyer. Anne’s law firm works for the Life Foundation, a bio-engineering company run by charismatic CEO Carlton Drake. From the outside, the Life Foundation seems to be an amazing, pioneering organization. On the inside, however, things are a bit less perfect. Yet as the company’s lawyer, it’s Anne’s duty to protect their secrets. As Anne explains to her skeptical fiancée, “I don’t work for Drake. I work for my firm, and my firm works for him. And I’m sure that they defend many people that you don’t deem worthy.”

Interests... fine dining, riding on motorcycles, and her cat Mr. Belvedere.

Relationship Status... engaged to Eddie Brock. Well, maybe. Anne and Eddie seem like the perfect couple, yet Eddie also puts his devotion to investigative journalism above all else—even Anne’s trust. Anne will always care about Eddie, but is that enough to make their relationship work?

Challenge... helping Eddie out of a crisis. Anne’s normal life gets turned upside down when Eddie accidentally bonds with a powerful alien symbiote named Venom. As one of the few people who truly cares for Eddie, it’s up to Anne to stop Venom from destroying him from the inside out. Once even more villainous symbiotes start threatening San Francisco, Anne is one of the first people to realize that the Eddie/Venom duo might just be the only ones who can save the world.

Personality... practical, intelligent, and empathetic. Anne is a kind and caring person, but she balances her compassion with pragmatism too. She keeps her wits about her in even the most stressful situations. That makes her great in a crisis—whether it’s an emotional one or a world-ending alien invasion. Anne usually leads with her head more than her heart, but she also has a fiery, passionate side too. She can give as good as she gets.


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