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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… happily for a time in the palace of Arendelle with her parents and sister Elsa.She recalls fondly the snowball fights and other fun she used to have with her sister. But everything suddenly changed one day when Anna was about four.  Her sister stopped talking to her, and her parents spent most of their time with Elsa instead of her.

Profession… second in line to become Queen of Arendelle.  Her parents recently died in a tragic accident at sea, so Anna’s older sister Elsa is having a coronation ceremony – officially making her Queen.  It is the first time the castle doors are open to the public in as long as Anna can remember.

Interests… riding her bike around the castle, talking to the portraits on the wall, and eating dessert. Since her sister spends all her time in her bedroom and Anna has no one else to keep her company, Anna tries her best to amuse herself.

Relationship Status… single. Anna desperately wants to find true love, but that is impossible when no one ever visits the castle. Since the doors of the castle will be open for just one day for the coronation ceremony, Anna has 24 hours to find someone. And as luck would have it, she met a prince (and his horse) outside of the castle just before her sister’s coronation who proposed marriage.

Challenge… rebuilding the bond she used to have with Elsa, because life’s too short to miss out on a relationship with your sister. But after years on the opposite side of a door, the two aren’t always able to communicate easily. Even when the two do connect, Elsa was always determined to keep secrets from her, causing Anna to ask, "why do you shut the world out? What are you so afraid of?" At the coronation, Anna finally gets answers to these questions, but Elsa’s secret is worse than Anna ever could have imagined.

Personality… goofy, optimistic, loyal, and a hopeless romantic. Anna might not have the elegance of royalty, but she has the pure and loving heart of a true princess. Sweet yet tenacious, Anna is a courageous and determined woman willing to do anything for her sister. Even when no one else will believe in Elsa – even Elsa herself – Anna refuses to give up on her. 


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