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Grew Up... in the United States, honing her art: photography.

Living… in London, England. There, she meets Dan Woolf, a highly-successful author who immediately falls for her. But Anna refuses to have an affair, and Dan continues to stay with Alice, the girl who inspired his novel. Anna, however, cannot deny Dan’s charm and wit forever.

Profession… highly successful photographer. After Dan hits on her, Anna finds Alice crying— and takes a picture of her. This photo becomes incredibly successful, eventually makes it into an exhibit about subjects that are visibly depressed. As Alice comments, “The people in the photos are sad, and alone... But the pictures make the world seem beautiful.”

Interests… photography and grief. Anna seems to thrive artistically on the grief of others. Though no means a sadist, Anna sees beauty in heartbreak and heartache… until they happen to her.

Relationship Status… dating a dermatologist, Larry, who was tricked online into thinking he is communicating with Anna— only to find out that "Anna" was just Dan. When Larry meets Anna in person, though, sparks fly between them.

Challenge… avoiding becoming one of her portraits. But with her precarious romances, Anna walks a dangerous line between breaking hearts and having hers broken.

Personality… artistic and analytical. As a beautiful woman, Anna is usually the one doing the heartbreaking. Her complicated situation with Dan and Larry, however, may soon give her a bitter taste of her own medicine.

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