Anna Morales
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Anna Morales

A Most Violent Year

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About Her

Grew Up… in Brooklyn, where her family had (and still has) close ties to the Mafia.

Living… a charmed life in Westchester. Anna has a gigantic new house, three young children, and a nanny named Maria to look after them.

Profession… accountant for Standard Oil, the company her father sold to her husband Abel twenty years ago. For Anna, Standard Oil is family. When one of Abel’s drivers lands in the ER after being injured on the job, she is the first one to arrive at the hospital.

Interests… looking good. Anna diligently applies her makeup and gets her hair right before heading out, and indeed she maintains a ravishing outward image that turns heads. Though no heads would turn if she didn’t have the underlying confidence to make image and reality one and the same.

Relationship Status… married. Anna and Abel form a true power couple, and it is primarily she who wears the pants in the relationship. When Abel, wielding a tire iron, hesitates to put a deer that collided with his car out of its misery, Anna whips her gun out of her purse and shoots it without a second thought.

Challenge… keeping Standard Oil above water. Standard Oil is taking blows on all flanks; its trucks keep getting robbed by competitors, and it is under investigation from the Feds for tax evasion, among other indiscretions. An armed goon attempts to break into Anna and Abel’s home. Understandably, all this begins to place stress on her their relationship. She urges an ever-placid Abel to strike back. She tells him, “We are at war here!”

Personality… passionate, eloquent, and dirt-tough. A woman who can turn the charm on and off like a faucet, Anna is the fiery yin to Abel’s level-headed yang. Which is not to say she is irrational; she simply views the world through the lens of the Mafia, the lens of her upbringing, whereas Abel views the world through the lens of his immigrant idealism. So basically, you don’t want to end up on her bad side. As she tells the District Attorney in charge of investigating Standard Oil: “My husband is a good man, don’t mistake his honesty for weakness… So if I were you, I would start treating us with a little more respect or I guarantee he will make it his mission in life to ruin you.” But really, it would be Anna doing the ruining.

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