Anna Liebert

Anna Liebert

    Monster (TV Show)

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Heidelberg, as Nina Fortner, the biological daughter of the Fortners. Or at least, that's what Nina thinks: with no memories before age 10, it's hard to know. Still, Nina's happy enough with the Fortners that she doesn't dwell on it.

Profession… law student. Her part-time job occasionally makes her late for class, but other than that, Nina's an exemplary student, bright and beloved by teachers and classmates alike.   

Interests… aikido, her friends, and recovering her memories. Though Nina's generally a cheerful girl, she's bothered by her lack of her childhood recollections. Her therapist tells her to stop fixating on the past, but Nina's adamant on remembering, sure that her memories will help her "know who I really am."

Relationship Status… single. Recently, however, she's been getting a string of emails from someone who says, "I was born to smother you with flowers." Nina knows she shouldn't read too much into the emails, but she's only 20 – a young woman can dream, can't she?

Challenge… stopping Johan Liebert's rampage of terror. When Nina finally recovers some of her memories, it comes with two surprises: first, that she's Anna Liebert, twin sister of Johan Liebert; and secondly, her brother is a ruthless murderer. One of the few people he cares about, Anna's now intent on stopping Johan from killing again. But as Anna delves into the criminal underground, she'll have to grapple with both new enemies and old traumas if she wants to stay sane.

Personality… kind, brave, and selfless. For all her skill with a gun, Anna finds it hard to pull the trigger on even the most loathsome criminals. Her sensitivity makes her especially susceptible to Johan's manipulations. But through all her despair, Anna maintains an optimistic view of the world: "Right now the world is full of pain, but everything will be alright. I know it."


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