Anna Khitrova
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Anna Khitrova

Eastern Promises

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Grew Up… between countries– while Anna’s mother is British, her father was Russian. Though her father is dead, she still has strong ties to her Russian heritage and even a bit of a Russian accent.

Living… in London. After recently breaking up with her long-time partner, Anna has been forced to move in with her mother, Helen, and her Uncle Stepan. Anna and her mother share a strong bond and are both going through hard times, Anna having just split from her partner and Helen still missing Anna’s father, especially around Christmastime. Anna is much less close to Uncle Stepan, who, while mostly harmless, occasionally crosses the line from impolite to hurtful.

Profession… midwife at a London hospital. Anna's an attentive nurse, caring for her patients on a personal level. One day, a pregnant Russian teen named Tatiana arrives at the hospital, badly haemorrhaging, and the doctors can only save the baby. After finding Tatiana’s diary in her belongings, Anna takes it upon herself to use it to contact the baby’s extended family, so she can give it a home.

Interests… Russian culture and heritage. She enjoys traditional Russian food and drives a vintage URAL motorcycle— her father’s, most likely— even though it requires constant maintenance.

Relationship Status… single. After a sudden miscarriage, Anna and her partner, Oliver, entered into a troubled and turbulent time before splitting.

Challenge… piecing together the mystery of Tatiana’s identity, while finding a home for her orphan child. As Anna searches for Tatiana's family, she begins to discover disturbing connections to the Russia mafia. Tatiana was a sex-slave, forced to work in a brothel, where she was drugged and abused. Armed with Tatiana’s diary, Anna has the tools to expose the man responsible for Tatiana’s suffering– the head of a powerful Russian crime family. But exacting justice for Tatiana also put Anna, and the baby she so desperately wants to protect, directly in harm’s way...

Personality… kind and tenacious. Once Anna makes up her mind to help someone, she is committed. Her compassionate nature can get her into trouble, but it's served her well in her career as a midwife, and is it guides most of Anna’s decisions. But for all her selflessness and good nature, Anna’s decency will be tested as she is pulled deeper into the world of the Russian mob.

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