Anna Coleman
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Anna Coleman

Freaky Friday

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About Her

Living… with her mother and little brother in a nice house. Anna and her family always seem to be at odds – she’s constantly fighting with her brother (a tattler) and her mother just doesn’t understand her. Although, to be fair, Anna’s not very understanding of her mother’s situation either.

Profession… high school student and aspiring punk rocker. Anna’s band practices in her garage, and they hope to make it big one day.

Interests… fashion, sleeping in, and rocking out. Nothing can get her out of bed, and only cutting the power can stop Anna when she’s jamming with her band.

Relationship Status… single, for now. Anna has a crush on a boy named Jake, and he seems to like her as well. Now, all she has to do is muster up the courage to talk to him.

Challenge… finding a way to go to her band’s audition instead of her mother’s stupid wedding rehearsal. As she tells her mom, it hasn’t even been that long since her dad died! Unfortunately, through some freak accident Anna switched bodies with her mom. Since she can’t do anything about it, why not have some fun? It’s been ages since her mom last tasted a French fry, and why not give her a piercing as well?

Personality… dramatic, self-centered, and angsty. Anna feels (and is) misunderstood by her mother. With all the struggles she faces in high school, she has a lot of frustration building up.


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