Ann Smith
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Ann Smith

Roman Holiday

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About Her

Grew Up... strictly scheduled. As a princess, every aspect of Ann’s life has been carefully managed by her handlers, including the clothes she wears, the speeches she gives, and even the time she goes to bed. As she complains of her stuffy, old-fashioned life, “Everything we do is so wholesome.”

Living... on a goodwill publicity tour of major European cities. Though Ann is constantly traveling to new places, her busy schedule leaves little time to actually enjoy them. Instead she’s stuck shaking endless hands at boring formal galas.  

Visiting... Rome—in a rather unusual way. Having finally decided she’s had enough of her strictly controlled life, Ann sneaks out of her embassy bedroom and into the city itself, where a quick haircut allows her to wander the streets (mostly) unnoticed as “Anya Smith.”

Profession... princess of one of Europe’s oldest ruling families. But for now Ann is posing as a rebellious student who fled her dorm for a night-on-the-town.

Interests... experiencing life. Ann has never known the freedom regular people take for granted, so during her day as a commoner she’s eager to try everything—from haircuts to ice cream to Vespa rides to boat parties to maybe even falling in love.

Relationship Status... nonexistent. Ann’s strict schedule has left her little time for romance so she’s shocked when she winds up (innocently) in the bedroom of a strange man. Or as she puts it, “I've never been alone with a man before, even with my dress on. With my dress off, it’s most unusual.” She warms up to Joe Bradley, however, when he offers to show her around Rome. But little does she know that he’s actually a reporter secretly writing a story about her escapades.

Challenge... choosing her future. Ann’s never been happier than during her day of adventure. But at some point she has to decide whether her personal freedom is more important than her duty to her country and family. Will she return to being Princess Ann or start a new life as Anya Smith?

Personality... regal on the outside, but stubborn and adventurous within. In her public duties as princess, Ann is a picture of grace and dignity, but in her private life she’s far more tempestuous and impulsive. Although she’s had little experience with the “real world,” she’s unafraid to leap headfirst into a Roman adventure. Yet no matter what, a strong sense of duty always compels Ann to do what is right.

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