Ann Mullany
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Ann Mullany

Sex, Lies, and Videotape

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About Her

Living… a quiet suburban life with her husband, John. Ann admits that her life isn’t perfect, but she’s managed to rationalize herself into accepting her existence. These mental gymnastics take many flimsy forms, such as Ann’s claim that “being happy isn’t all that great. I mean, the last time I was really happy… I got so fat. I must have put on 25 pounds!”

Visiting… a therapist once a week. Ann spends most of her sessions discussing her relationship with John.

Profession… housewife. John asked Ann to quit her job after they got married. Of course she has housework to attend to – dishwashing, cleaning, cooking, but it’s not enough to keep her busy. “I’ve just got all this time on my hands,” she tells John, “and I just sit around and start inventing these, like, intricate scenarios.”

Relationship Status… in a cold and loveless marriage. Ann, who has always been beautiful, popular and well-liked, is only just beginning to realize how empty her relationship is. By her own admission, she’s taken less of an interest in sex. In fact, she admits to her husband’s friend Graham that she’s never had an orgasm.

Challenge… figuring out what’s wrong with her husband. John seems to have drifted from Ann recently. She has a theory – she believes he’s having an affair – but can’t really prove it. Meanwhile, she’s become fascinated by John’s old friend, Graham, an odd and airy drifter who’s moved into a local apartment.

Personality… innocent, sweet, and slightly immature. Ann is a sheltered girl who, compared to her jaded and “extrovert” sister, hasn’t realized just how little of life she understands. It isn’t until she meets Graham, who seems to take a curious interest in her, that she begins to shed some of the delusions that have led her down such an unsatisfactory path.

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