Ann Bradshaw

Ann Bradshaw

A Great and Terrible Beauty

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About Her

Grew Up... an orphan. After her parents died, Ann was left to the care of her aunt and uncle, who – while not awful guardians – were always too focused on their own ambitions to notice those of their niece.

Living... at Spence Academy, an all-girls boarding school that is full of the type of confident, pretty girl that Ann decidedly is not.

Profession... scholarship student, one of the few among Spence's well-off students. Because of her financial status and plain looks, Ann is ostracized by the other students – and the effects of this treatment show, especially in Ann's dismal self-esteem.

Interests... singing, reading, and being beautiful. Even though – or perhaps because – she’s not currently a head-turner, Ann thinks that beauty is the key to acceptance and friends, a belief so strong that her greatest wish is "to be beautiful." But until the day her fairy godmother comes and saves her from her plainness, Ann believes she will continue living alone and unloved, delving into books and music to escape her drab existence.

Relationship Status... single. With her mousy hair and poor background, Ann doesn't think she can ever attract anyone's romantic affections. But that doesn't mean she can't have romantic affections of her own.

Challenge... overcoming her own insecurities. Due to her own experiences at Spence, Ann tends to let others step over her, keeping her head down for fear of being hurt.  Worse than that, however, is the way the bullying affects Ann's self-esteem, which is practically non-existent. Matters start to change a bit when Ann finally starts making some friends, and even more so when her roommate, Gemma, begins developing magical powers...  

Personality... timid, subdued, and deeply insecure. Ann's not a commanding presence, but while she tends to put the blame on her looks and poverty, part of it could just be a lack of confidence. Fearful of being hurt, Ann has a tendency to sabotage herself, shying away from even situations where she could excel because, as she puts it, "Better that I hurt myself than be hurt by them. It stings less."

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