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About Her

Growing Up... fast. Angelica’s only 10, although you wouldn’t know it from the way she swears like a sailor.

Living... through the apocalypse. A nuclear bioweapon exploded six months ago, turning Glendale, California into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The bomb transformed adults into zombie-like “ghoulies” and left the world overrun with teens, who quickly formed factions like the violent Jocks and the haughty Cheermazons. As one of the younger survivors, Angelica has largely had to fend for herself.

Profession... survivalist and former amateur drug dealer. Before the bomb hit, Angelica had a nice little Breaking Bad-style racket going at Glendale High, where she sold edible slime laced with drugs. Now she’s focused on surviving and thriving in her harsh new environment.

Interests... setting fires, messing with adults, and emulating Martin Scorsese gangster movies.

Challenge... finding her tribe. Angelica was born with a genius-level intellect and her overprotective parents treated her like a “precious teacup locked up in a glass case.” Her intense homeschooling gave her a wealth of knowledge but zero friends. It didn’t help that her equally intelligent parents were frequently away on long research trips. Angelica has always yearned for a chosen family who accepts her for who she is and has her back no matter what. Now she hopes to forge that tribe in the apocalypse with loner survivalist Josh Wheeler, pacifist samurai Wesley Fists, and potentially reformed ghoulie Ms. Crumble.

Personality... hyper-intelligent, hyper-violent, and hyper-abrasive. You wouldn’t mistake Angelica for your average 10-year-old. She refers to herself as a “highly unstable genius,” but that really only begins to cover it. She’s aggressive, foul-mouthed, fearless, and entirely self-sufficient. Yet beneath her tough exterior, Angelica has a softer heart than she lets on. She longs for a sense of belonging and maybe even a grown-up to take care of her too.

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