Angela Abar / Sister Night
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Angela Abar / Sister Night


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About Her

Grew Up... in an orphanage in Vietnam. She was placed there after her parents were killed in a terrorist attack.

Living... in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She lives with her husband, Calvin Abar, and her three adopted children.

Profession... police officer. After getting shot during the White Night, a deadly evening where police officers were attacked and killed by members of a white supremacist organization, Angela fakes her retirement. She takes on the guise of a baker but moonlights as a law enforcement agent under the name, Sister Night.

Interests... protecting her family that she's worked so hard to create, baking, and sniffing out the schemes that nefarious, egomaniac individuals like an eccentric trillionaire and a senator are trying to hide from her.

Relationship Status... in a loving marriage with Calvin Abar. The couple met in Vietnam, and after Calvin loses his memory in an accident, they move to Tulsa. Of course, there's more than what meets the eye when it comes to Calvin.

Challenge... thwarting white supremacist group, the Seventh Calvalry, tracking down who killed the police chief, Judd Crawford, discovering her family history and dealing with intergenerational trauma. On top of all that, she has to find her way out of a complicated web of intrigue where everybody has a secret agenda.

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