Andy Stitzer
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Andy Stitzer

The 40-Year-Old Virgin

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About Him

Grew Up… without ever crossing the (unofficial) threshold into manhood. Sex just never happened for Andy – things always kept getting in the way.

Living… alone in an apartment full of action figures and “more video games than a teenaged Asian kid,” as his friend Cal says. Andy’s social life has never been too great. He tends to keep to himself and play with his toys.

Profession… salesman at SmartTech, an electronics store. Andy is a diligent employee, though he historically hasn’t been “one of the guys” with most of his co-workers. He tends to get awkward whenever the men discuss their sexual adventures around the office water cooler.

Interests… playing video games, collecting action figures, and the British progressive rock band Asia. In many ways, Andy is trapped in an extended adolescence.

Relationship Status… dating Trish, an attractive woman who works at a shop across the street from SmartTech. With help and dating advice from his co-workers, Andy was able to get Trish’s phone number and go on a few dates with her. The big problem is that he’s yet to tell her that he’s still a virgin.

Challenge… admitting his secret to Trish. Andy is quickly falling for the kind and open-hearted Trish, but he dreads the moment of truth when he has to confess his lack of experience.

Personality… sweet, innocent, and slightly immature. Andy’s occasional cluelessness is endearing even to his vulgar, sex-obsessed co-workers. He once asks in a sex-ed class, “Is it true that if you don’t use it, you lose it?” He rides a bike around town (in Southern California, of all places) rather than drive a car. Andy has a lot to offer, but he does need to grow up in several respects; it’s just that his virginity at age 40 is understandably the headline.

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