Andy Hanson
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Andy Hanson

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

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About Him

Grew Up… in Westchester, NY, with his parents, sister, and brother. Andy has always had a complicated relationship with his good looking but dimwitted brother, Hank. Andy always felt that his father loved Hank more than him.

Living… with his wife, Gina. Gina has expensive tastes, and Andy is living beyond his means to give her what she wants.

Profession… financial executive at a real estate firm. He's currently facing an IRS audit, one that could expose the fact that he's embezzled money from a client. He needs cash quick, and gets an idea for the perfect heist.

Interests… heroin. He routinely sneaks out from his office in the afternoons to get his fix.

Relationship Status… on the rocks. He has found out that Hank is having sex with Gina behind his back.

Challenge… getting enough money to escape from his problems by fleeing to Brazil. He convinces his brother Hank, who is also in need of some cash to get caught up on his child support payments, to rob the jewelry store owned by their parents: "We know where everything is. I figure, between the week's take, the jewelry and the cases, the vault, there's a $500,000 haul. I figure probably six. The old dumb old lady that works there, she's alone till noon." Andy says it will be a victimless crime because their parents have insurance and will be reimbursed for the losses. All Hank has to do is put on a mask, carry a fake gun, and they will split the money between them. But unfortunately nothing quite goes according to plan. 

Personality… bold, scheming, domineering, and cold-hearted. Andy can be slick and cocky to the outside world, but it’s clear that he is also quite depressed and angry at the world. 

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