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Andy Botwin


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About Him

Living… in a smoky haze with his late brother’s family. He antagonizes his sister-in-law Nancy’s housekeeper, Lupita, and offer his nephews Silas and Shane unsolicited life advice. 

Profession… serving in the Army reserve. He enlisted many years ago to impress a woman, and now he’s being summoned to fulfill his military service in Iraq. In an effort to get discharged, he enrolls in rabbinical school.

Interests… smoking weed with his neighbor, Doug Wilson, with whom he enjoys a budding bromance. Andy has a fetish for handicapped women. “Slightly defective chicks are the way to go,” he says.

Relationship Status… a self-described “effortless receiver of tail.” And indeed he floats from relationship to relationship, never committing emotionally. Among his lovers are Kat, the kleptomaniac who once stabbed him with an icicle, and Yael, the kinky admissions director of his rabbinical school.

Challenge… helping Nancy with her marijuana distribution. She took up selling drugs after her husband died, and now Andy is helping her set up a bakery to launder her money and spearheading the team in charge of her grow op. After all, he’s an expert at marijuana.

Personality… affable, lazy, and fun-loving. He’s a teenager at heart, which gives him the ability to relate to Silas and Shane and, to some extent, fill the void left by their father’s death.

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