Andrew Hennings
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Andrew Hennings

Sweet Home Alabama

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Overview... the wealthy son of New York’s mayor. Andrew has led a charmed life in the privileged world of the New York elite. His overbearing mother Kate Hennings, the mayor, puts a lot of pressure on him to be perfect, but Andrew tries to blaze his own path, albeit a bit timidly. He falls for fashion designer Melanie Carmichael and asks her to marry him after only eight months of dating. Although he doesn’t know much about her past, Andrew is sure Melanie is his ideal match. After all, she told him she comes from one of the richest families in Alabama. And why would she lie?

Personality... dashing, charismatic, generous, and totally confident. Andrew is used to getting what he wants in life, but he comes across as self-assured rather than spoiled. He’s mostly easy going, even around his demanding mother, but he can lose his cool when he feels betrayed. For the most part through, Andrew is kind, generous, and forgiving – the ultimate catch.

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