Andrew Shepherd
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Andrew Shepherd

The American President

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About Him

Living... in the White House with his daughter. Unfortunately, his late wife Mary never lived here. She died of cancer when they were on the campaign trail.

Profession... President of the United States of America. After a generally successful first term, he's beginning to plan his re-election effort. With a 63 percent approval rating, things are looking good for President Shepherd, but he didn’t get to be leader of the free world by assuming premature victory. In order to cement his reelection he’s determined to pass a crime bill before his State of the Union address, even if on some level he knows the bill will be relatively toothless.

Interests... running the country, and spending time with an environmental lobbyist named Sydney Ellen Wade. While his schedule as President doesn’t leave Andrew with much time, he’s taken a shine to the idealistic and headstrong Wade. When they first met at the White House, they had an instant connection. That bond was cemented when he took her as his date to a very public dinner-date with the President of France. 

Relationship Status... dating Sydney Wade. It’s unorthodox for a U.S. President to be dating, at least publicly, and his relationship with Sydney has caused plenty of headline speculation. Little of it has been particularly flattering, and since he began his relationship with Ms. Wade his approval rating has dropped eight points.

Challenge... juggling his political obligations with his personal ones. Shepherd is determined to pass his crime bill as it’s a surefire way to boost his record with re-election looming, but he’s also promised to help Sydney pass an environmental bill if she can get 25 more Congressional votes. As it becomes increasingly apparent that the crime and environmental bills are the least popular on the legislative floor, Shepherd may have to sacrifice one for the other – forcing him to choose between his career and the woman he’s begun to love.

Personality... dependable, well-spoken, and dedicated to the improvement of his nation. While Shepherd’s principles are extremely idealistic, he is still a career politician with an excellent understanding of Washington’s political machine. But tossing a budding romantic relationship into the already complicated equation is not something he was prepared for.

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