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About Him

Grew Up... in Russia. Andrew Ryan’s harsh childhood in Soviet Russia is what soured him on Communism and the idea of sharing wealth. He eventually fled to America.

Living... in Rapture. Rapture is an underwater city beneath the Atlantic Ocean where superior people are absolutely free to realize their true potential without “parasites” in the surface world getting in the way. Genetic materials ADAM and EVE, harvested from native sea slugs, also grant Rapture residents incredible powers.

Profession... founder of Rapture. Andrew Ryan started Rapture in 1946 after WWII using his immense wealth. It’s an extension of his extreme Objectivist philosophy: “No gods or kings. Only Man.” As the revered leader of Rapture, he also heads its council along with Ryan Industries.

Interests... golf. Ryan is rarely seen, usually just heard over the radio. But he has been known to play golf inside his office.

Relationship Status... single. Caring only about oneself is the greatest virtue according to Ryan, and he’s never had a wife. But he did father a child with his mistress Jasmine Jolene.

Challenge... maintaining control of Rapture. Considering that selfishness is considered sacred in Rapture, the supposed utopia not surprisingly soon erupted into civil war with various factions vying for power and control. So Ryan struggles to maintain order in his city. His biggest rivals are the notorious gangster Frank Fontaine and the revolutionary Atlas.   

Personality... self-determined and zealous. Andrew Ryan has utter faith in the power of the individual and utter contempt for the collective. Only he could single-handedly will a place like Rapture into existence. As he says, “A man chooses, a slave obeys.”

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