Andrew Largeman
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Andrew Largeman

Garden State

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About Him

Grew up... in an unhappy home, believing his father’s actions led to his mother ending up a paraplegic.

Living... life in a haze. He is almost permanently catatonic after taking so many prescription drugs, including antidepressants. Andrew recently decided to stop his meds, preferring to feel something again even if it hurts.

Visiting... home for his mother's funeral. He is finding it strange to be back in New Jersey – particularly since the house he grew up in does not feel like home anymore.

Profession... struggling actor. Andrew once played a mentally handicapped high school kid on TV, and has been type casted ever since. While waiting for his big break, he works at a Vietnamese restaurant to pay the bills.

Interests… getting high on ecstasy and playing spin the bottle.

Relationship Status... involved with Sam. Even after only four days, he thinks their relationship is the start of something special. She makes him feel safe.

Challenge... feeling overwhelmed. As he says, "Like there's so much speeding by me in a day that I feel like if I look up from the sidewalk, I'll get dizzy and fall down. So it's like I just barrel through and don't look up, so I'll just never fall, you know? And it's so sad to say this, but that's really how I've been living my whole life." At least, until now…

Personality… troubled, to say the least. But he is a sincere guy who wants to live a happier life. He figures life has to get better than this…right?

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