Andrew Glouberman

Andrew Glouberman

    Big Mouth
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in the suburbs of New York with his parents. Andrew’s got his father’s hopeless neurotic demeanor, and together with his mother, the group creates a constant psychodrama of competing worries. And that’s all before he even gets to school. 

Profession... student at Bridgeton Middle School. He’s a bona fide smart kid, with a wide range of knowledge. School is the source of most of his miseries, as Andrew calculates every slight by any one of his enemies, and even his friends. Middle school for him is a landmine of betrayal and disappointment. It doesn’t seem like high school’s going to be much better. 

Interests... hanging out with his friend Nick Burch. He’s quite the jazz man – playing the saxophone and even dressing the part with his fedora. Unfortunately, his main interest at the moment is finding stranger and stranger things to inspire him to masturbate.

Relationship Status... well-intentioned but doomed. Andrew is, in spite of his perverted tendencies, still something of a romantic. He’s totally in love with Missy and didn’t even let the platonic nature of the relationship get between them. In truth, he’s just getting ready for the eventual Mrs. Glouberman. 

Challenge... making it through puberty with his sanity intact. He also has to stand up to bullies like Maurice. He also has to summon enough courage to stand up to the Hormone Monster. Andrew is suffering – whether it’s over big life-changing adolescent stuff or small things like his friends being imperfect. Andrew has to learn to accept people for who they are – including himself. 

Personality… Hopelessly awkward. Andrew has nerdiness in his bones; it’s the very air he breathes. He’s lanky and packs on a few more pounds than he should. He is something of a polymath, with a great deal of knowledge for his age. He’s definitely got a perverted side that totally grosses out his best friend Nick. 


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