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Andrew Detmer


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Living… in Seattle, Wash., in an increasingly dark household with his parents. Andrew’s trying to get custody of his mother away from his abusive father. He’s started filming everything – not just his abuse, but everything he sees, anywhere he goes. He’s putting his entire life on tape.

Profession… high school student and computer repairman. The school part is mostly a disaster; Andrew is bullied and unpopular. Fixing computers is going a little better. It earns him more than just pocket money and is making him grow up faster than the other kids. Plus he really needs the money now that his mother’s sick with cancer and his father’s injured. His dad used to be a fireman but after getting hurt on the job, he only brings in insurance money.

Interests… understanding and using his new powers. His cousin Matt and Steve, the school’s popular quarterback, asked Andrew to film something strange in the woods – a hole in the ground emitting a loud, unusual sound. Since the three of them climbed in the hole they’ve had telekinetic abilities, triggered by their emotions and not entirely in their control. It’s nice to know you can put somebody in the hospital any time you want – but that still means you’ve put someone in the hospital. It’s not to be taken lightly; they have to put rules in place.

Relationship Status… single, with no real prospects. For now, he’s the creepy guy at the party who’s filming everyone. The popular girls won’t give him the time of day, except to tell him to turn the camera off. Hey, at least it’s attention!

Challenge… saving his mom and controlling his powers before they destroy him. Andrew can’t stand to see his mother in pain. He wants to use his powers to help her, whether it’s with money or keeping his dad under control. But every time he uses his powers, something terrible happens. His own health deteriorates, too. Right now, he’s only causing her more distress.

Personality… withdrawn, strong-willed and stubborn. Andrew reads a lot about evolution, and “apex predators” in particular. Humans are apex predators – the most powerful predators in their ecosystem. Andrew doesn’t take this designation lightly. Maybe he’s just another step in evolution. That would make him the new apex, wouldn’t it?

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