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Living… in the 1990’s in Philadelphia, where founding fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence. But Andrew, who is a homosexual, doesn’t believe the United States has lived up to the words in that sacred document. As he says, “I don't remember that glorious document saying ‘All straight men are created equal.’ I could have sworn it says, ‘All men are created equal.’”

Profession… senior associate at a law firm, until he was wrongfully terminated. Andrew was diagnosed with AIDS eight months ago during a bout of pneumonia. He recovered quickly and was back at work in ten days. Since he was doing so well on the AZT, he decided against telling anyone about it. He dove back into work and everything was fine, until the lesions started. Soon after that, he was fired by Wyant Wheeler.

Interests… the law. He is devastated that he can’t practice anymore. It's the only thing he has ever wanted to do. Despite what has happened, Andrew still has faith in the legal system and justice, so he has decided to file a wrongful termination case against his employers. But his old firm is so powerful that no established attorney wants the engagement. Desperate, Beckett has engaged a homophobic lawyer who advertises on TV to represent him.

Relationship Status… in a loving relationship with Miguel. But Miguel has not taken the news easily.

Challenge… winning the wrongful termination suit against Charles Wheeler and his partners. The case is not only being debated in the courtroom, but it’s also being waged in the media. Andrew is slowly realizing what this case is really about– the general public's loathing and fear of homosexuals. To half the country he’s a crusader for justice, standing up for the marginalized and victimized community he represents. To the other half, he’s a liar with a promiscuous lifestyle that is trying to pass off the blame for his own misdeeds.

Personality… courageous, intellectual, determined, and caring. Andrew hasn’t had it easy, but he refuses to give up on life.

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