Andrea Zuckerman
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Andrea Zuckerman

Beverly Hills, 90210

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About Her

Living... in Van Nuys, California, well outside Beverly Hill’s school district. Unable to attend a decent school in her own district’s vicinity, Andrea used her grandmother’s 90210 address to get a better education at West Beverly Hills High School. By the way, “it’s pronounced Awwwwwndrea.” 

Profession... sophomore in high school and editor of her school newspaper, the West Beverly Blaze.

Interests... getting into Yale, her dream school. Andrea is very bright and motivated, so she’s got a good shot at it. Although studying is important to her, she also realizes she needs to start leading a more balanced life. As she says, “I don't want to turn into some deranged axe murderer...or...or worse yet...wake up one morning, ten years from now, and suddenly realize that I totally missed out on high school.”

Relationship Status… single. Although she would never admit it, she appears to havea crush on Brandon Walsh, a good looking and smart student who just moved from Minnesota. Brandon and Andrea met on the first day of school while working on the newspaper.

Challenge...  feeling like a social outcast and struggling with her high school’s caste system. Andrea’s not as rich or as stylish as the other students of the school. While the other girls wear the most expensive designer labels, she wears menswear outfits and big glasses.  Although Andrea is smart enough to realize how superficial those things are, it can still get lonely. Luckily, she has a good friend like Brandon. 

Personality... a brainy, clever, studious, caring, and awkward.  Andrea has a strong moral compass and can come across a bit preachy at times. Even though the other students don't always heed her advice, they would be much better off if they did. Overall, Andrea is wise and mature. She almost seems as if she is a 16 year old, going on 30.

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