Andre Gregory
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Andre Gregory

My Dinner with Andre

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About Him

Living... in New York City, where he keeps the company of the city’s artistic and intellectual elite.

Profession… theater director. Or at least he was, before taking several years off to explore the world.

Interests… travel, theater, and art. Andre is an energetic thinker whose quest for enlightenment has awarded him an unbelievable array of life experiences, ranging from traversing the Himalayas with monks to participating in near-fatal performance art on Long Island. He’s willing to try just about anything in the spirit of truly embracing life.

Relationship Status… married, with children. Andre’s wife Chiquita shares his zest for the eccentric, supporting his bizarre adventures.

Challenge… explaining himself. When Andre meets his old friend Wally at an upscale restaurant to catch up, he struggles to put into words the exhilarating experiences that changed his life. Andre puts enormous stock in the new spiritual and philosophical worldview that he achieved from exposing himself to new things, saying that “if you’re just operating by habit, then you’re not really living.” However, getting people like Wally who are comfortable in their simple city lives to understand the importance of diverse experiences is difficult.

Personality… enthusiastic, open, and trusting. Andre doesn’t hesitate for a moment before launching into the tales of his recent escapades. Though telling his stories with warmth and genuine intention, Andre’s excitement means that he can come across as overbearing, talking for long periods seemingly without considering the person listening. The driving force behind this enthusiasm, and indeed his wild travels, is an inner fear of complacency and meaninglessness. He puts himself through all these strange experiences in order to keep examining his life, because as he explains to Wally, “comfort can lull you into a dangerous tranquility.”

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