Andre Allen
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Andre Allen

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About Him

Grew Up... in the projects in New York City. Andre wasn’t even considered the funniest guy in his apartment complex, but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming rich and famous comedian. 

Living... in the public eye. Andre has the money to be bi-coastal, but at the moment his life is lived primarily on TV. He’s about to marry his fiancé Erica on her reality-TV show, on which he’s a semi-willing main character. Andre has more money than he ever could have imagined while back in the projects, but he’s not sure if he’s any happier. At least he’s gotten sober. 

Profession... comedian and actor. Andre’s big cash cow is the film franchise Hammy The Bear, in which Andre plays the title character, a cop in a bear suit. Hammy has made Andre millions, but it certainly hasn’t bought him any respect from critics. That’s why Andre wants to talk about his new film Uprize, a serious drama in which he plays a Haitian revolutionary. The problem is, everyone else wants Andre to tell jokes and spew Hammy’s catchphrase. Maybe Chelsea Brown, the reporter spending all day in New York with Andre for a story in the New York Times, will take him seriously. 

Interests... rap. Andre and his friends are forever citing and re-ordering their personal “top five” list of greatest rappers, and often can’t resist including a sixth. 

Relationship Status... engaged. In fact, Andre is supposed to pick up the rings today for his upcoming, televised marriage to Erica. She helped him get sober, so Andre feels he owes her. But he’s definitely having second thoughts. 

Challenge... dealing with his demons once and for all. On one level, Andre’s desire to be taken seriously as a performer is perfectly natural. On another, though, Andre may want to avoid the pressure to make people laugh because part of him isn’t sure that he’s even all that funny – at least not without being drunk or high. What the public thinks of him should be less important than what he thinks of himself.  

Personality... smart, driven, and funny, but a little lost right now. Andre might question his sense of humor, but nobody else does. He’s observant and quickalways two punch lines ahead. But Andre can use that ability as a defense mechanism or even a weapon.

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