Andie Walsh

Andie Walsh

    Pretty in Pink
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in a working-class family with her single father, who is often unemployed. She has always been unpopular and bullied by Steff, a wealthy boy at school. Meanwhile her longtime best friend, Duckie, is not-so-secretly in love with her.

Visiting… TRAX, the record store owned by her mentor, Iona. Iona is the closest thing Andie has to a mother figure, but she’s more of a quirky, Lorelai Gilmore kind of mother than a June Cleaver type.

Interests… fashion and, yes, everything pink. Andie’s edgy, thrift-chic fashion choices are all of her own creation, and Iona and Duckie often admire her feminine-yet-edgy style.

Relationship Status… dating Blane McDonough, one of the popular, preppy boys at school. Blane’s not like his friends, though, and he doesn’t care what Andie’s home life is like. Unfortunately, Blane’s best friend is also Andie’s primary tormenter – Steff – and he causes problems between the couple.

Challenge… not limiting herself due to her upbringing. Andie doesn’t even consider attending prom until Iona insists it’s important. Who cares if her dress isn’t as expensive as everyone else’s, or if the boy she likes won’t go with her because she doesn’t fit in with his friends? Andie needs to stop being ashamed of where she comes from so that she can love herself, and let herself take risks and enjoy life.

Personality… bold, poised, and genuine. Andie knows exactly who she is and she’s fine with it, even though she’s fully aware that not all of her peers feel the same way. She refuses to be pushed around, even by someone as influential as Steff. 


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