Anders Holmvik
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Anders Holmvik


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About Him

Living... with his friends Adam and Blake in Rancho Cucamonga, California. It’s an odd set up for Ders, since he used to be Adam and Blake’s RA in college. He’s still got the hall monitor mentality, but now he gets to partake in the chaos as well. Anders is the most homebody of his roommates. He would like nothing more than to spend a night watching Hell Date and eating pretzel rods on his couch. At times, he resents Blake and Adam treating their home like a tent at Burning Man.

Profession… telemarketer at TelAmeriCorp. Ders hates his job as much as his roommates, but he still takes it more seriously, as it’s his stepping stone to bigger and better things. He hopes to be elected to the city council someday, and it won’t help his campaign if it comes out that he couldn’t even hack it at telemarketing.

Interests… far and wide. Anders likes cars but, being broke, he opts to build customized versions of his dream cars on the Internet. He has oddly specific tastes in pornography and an obsession with black culture. 

Relationship Status… eternally single. Ders has the occasional flame, but he can never transition from texting to real life romance. His friends take advantage of this. They once pranked Ders into sending a nude picture to all of his contacts.

Challenge… maintaining his composure with his friends. Anders is loyal to a fault, following his reckless friends through hell or high water. He’ll jump in a dunk-tank filled with disgusting Horchata to get Adam Clippers tickets; he’ll track down sterile urine so the guys all pass their drug tests. But it all comes with a price – usually his dignity and sanity.

Personality… a stiff... but, you know, a cool stiff. Anders is the most naturally responsible member of the group but he can dish out a practical joke as cruelly as anyone. He’s the most intelligent and straight-laced member of the crew, but he can use his intelligence for elaborate schemes and psychological games. He’s usually dealing with someone else’s mess, but he doesn’t always make things better. 

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