Ana Garcia
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Ana Garcia

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About Her

Grew Up… working, working, working. Ana, a gifted student from the East Los Angeles barrio, worked hard enough to get into Beverly Hills High School while working a part time job at a fast food restaurant. 

Living… with a mother who constantly puts her down, often making jibes at her weight (“Enormous!” she tells her daughter). Her mother doesn’t quite have the standing to criticize Ana for her weight – she is heavier than Ana. Despite her mother’s criticisms, Ana acknowledges some signs that her mother loves and cares for her. 

Profession… high school student and dress factory worker. Since losing her fast-food job, Ana has been put to work in the family’s dress factory – a job her family insists she continue after she graduates from high school. But Ana wants to be the first of their family to go to college.

Relationship Status… doing her best to stymie a crush on her fellow Beverly Hills High student, Jimmy, who is an “Anglo.” Ana is flattered by Jimmy’s attention, but her parents would never approve of their relationship. 

Challenge… breaking free of her mother’s old-fashioned constraints. Ana is a modern American, ready to take advantage of all her hard work. While a world full of opportunity awaits Ana, her mother just wants her to settle down, get married and work a menial job – as well as lose a little weight while she’s at it. Ana is comfortable with who she is and has a healthy body image. She just wants a chance to live her own life.

Personality… feisty, headstrong, and smart. Ana has many responsibilities for a girl her age, and has matured much faster than many of her peers. Although her life is not the easiest, she can still bring herself to have plenty of laughs.

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