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Grew Up... fast. Amy’s carefree teenage years ended when she became pregnant. She is raising her daughter Emma the best she can with Adam, her high school boyfriend and Emma’s father. 

Profession... floor supervisor of a Cloud 9 superstore. She enjoys her job because she gets to manage a mix of very unusual employees that she has become close friends with. Amy reports to the store’s manager Glen Sturgis, who is friendly and quirky, but she’s not so sure about his management skills. That’s why it’s up to Amy to keep the store from total chaos. Amy’s role is to clean up other people’s messes, which happens all too often.

Interests... helping others. Amy cares about the people that she works with and this shows especially when she always tries to give advice to Cheyenne, a coworker, who is going through teenage pregnancy. Although Amy’s heart is in the right place, some people don’t like her meddling in their lives. 

Relationship status... married. Amy and Adam never planned to get married so young, and Amy gets frustrated with Adam who hasn’t grown up yet. Unfortunately, his kick boxing gym hasn’t worked out, and his other businesses have failed. So the pressure is on Amy to provide for their family.

Challenge... facing constant challenges in her work and personal life. Feeling she’s hit a wall, she jokes, “Welcome to the no options club. It’s a cool club. Most of America is in it. We meet on Tuesday.”

Personality... caring, driven, and bold. Amy works hard to ensure she does a great job. She is not afraid to speak her mind when she knows that it is the right thing to do. While Amy tries to be one of the more mature workers at the store, she has a playful side that comes out from time to time. As she says to her coworkers, “I'm going to unleash crazy Amy. You guys can call me Craymie."

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