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Amy Jellicoe


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About Her

Living… in the moment. After having a mental breakdown at 40, Amy was forced to leave her job and stay at a rehabilitation center for a month. She’s returned to California with a whole new outlook on the world. She can no longer see society as anything but a monstrous kingdom built on greed. From now on, she wants to live with a clean conscience.

Profession… data processsor at Abaddon Industries. Amy used to be a buyer in the company’s Health and Beauty department but lost the position after setting off to rehab. She considers her new position beneath her and a strategic attempt to get her to quit. Amy is constantly paranoid, fearing that her co-workers are conspiring against her – including her former assistant Krista, who is now in line for Amy’s old job. What’s worse is that she used to date her former boss, Damon, and now has to see him daily again. Plus Amy suspects Abaddon Industries is involved in corporate abuse and corruption. Every workday, basically, is a living hell.

Interests... spiritual nourishment. She’s traded in her corporate lifestyle for daily meditation, kayaking trips, and acts of ordinary kindness. Broadly, Amy yearns to improve everything around her. 

Relationship Status... on and off with her ex, Levi. After returning from Hawaii, Amy discovered that Levi’s drug habit had spiraled out of control, making any sort of reconciliation impossible. He also went to Hawaii for rehab, where they began exchanging letters. Because Levi was her first love and her husband, Amy can’t bear to let him go. She wants them both to let go of the past, and give their relationship one last try. 

Challenge… staying afloat. At forty, Amy found herself completely unable to cope with her life. She lost her job, her husband, and her sanity. Rather than succumb to the darkness, she developed a newfound sense of spirit and perspective. But, the world won’t change just because she has. 

Personality… “enlightened.” Amy has seen the light, and she’d love to tell you all about it. She says, "I’m speaking with my true voice now, without bitterness or fear. And I’m here to tell you, you can walk out of hell and into the light, you can wake up to your higher self, and when you do the world is suddenly full of possibility of wonder and deep connection. You can be patient, and you can be kind, and you can be wise and almost whole. You don’t have to run away from life your whole life. You can really live. You can change and you can be an agent of change”

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