Amy Dyer
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Amy Dyer

In The Flesh

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About Her

Grew Up… in Roarton, a small village in Lancashire, England. She was raised by her grandmother, and lived a relatively happy life. Unfortunately, she lost her battle with leukaemia at the age of 20.

Living… dead. Get it? Amy is one of the risen undead. Shortly after she died, something called “The Rising” happened, which caused certain dead people to reawaken, albeit in primitive and dangerous states. Now there’s a medication that brings the deads’ personalities back, so Amy is getting a chance to live the life that was tragically cut short.

Interests… being herself and seizing the moment. Amy is happy to be back from the dead, and likes to go on adventures, see new things, and meet new people. Even if her presence scares the living, she won’t let that deter her.

Relationship Status… single. During her “untreated state” in the Rising, Amy hunted with fellow zombie Kieren Walker. Now, she’s declared them “BDFFs” or Best Dead Friends Forever.

Challenge… living a full life when she’s hemmed in by stigma. Many of the living refuse to accept the dead back into the community, especially after the violence of the Rising. Amy wants to find happiness, and get to do all the things that her illness prevented her from doing. But prejudice against people like her can get ugly. Deadly, even.

Personality… upbeat, funny, and compassionate. Amy has a thirst for life and a sunny disposition that’s contagious even to Kieran. She’s had her share of hardship, though, and her optimism is tempered by sympathy and understanding for people who are suffering. Amy moves to her own beat, and doesn’t see why that should ever be a problem.

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