Mobile Suit Gundam Series

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... on Side 7, one of the many massive space colonies created to deal with Earth’s pollution and overpopulation. Since his mother stayed on Earth and his father spends more time worrying about his engineering projects than his son, Amuro's often left to his own devices– literally, as Amuro built the robot, Haro, for company.

Living... in a time of war. The most distant space colonies, now calling themselves the Principality of Zeon, have started a war of independence against the Earth Federation, fighting against the Federation with advanced humanoid war machines known as "mobile suits." Other than distracting his father, Amuro hasn’t been too affected by the massive casualties the war has caused– but unknown to him, Zeon has caught wind of the secret Federation mobile suits being built on Side 7, and everything Amuro knows about life is about to change.

Profession... mobile suit pilot. Despite being “just a kid," fifteen-year-old Amuro finds himself in the cockpit of "Gundam," one of the Federation’s new mobile suits. Despite having only minutes to skim the Gundam’s manual, the inexperienced Amuro manages to pilot the Gundam’s with seemingly supernatural skill.

Interests... computers, machinery, and engineering. Amuro is “well known for his love of machines” throughout Side 7, and loves burying himself in projects that he finds far more interesting than eating regularly or getting dressed– besides, it’s not like he was planning on anyone seeing him.

Relationship Status... single. Fraw, Amuro’s childhood friend, does seem to care about him, but Amuro's never lifted his head from his engineering projects long enough to really notice her feelings. Now that's been thrust into the midst of a war, Amuro will need her emotional support more than ever, but he may be too focused on keeping everyone alive to think about love.

Challenge... keeping himself and his friends alive while staying sane. Fate has forced Amuro and many of his civilian friends into the terrors of war, and if there is any chance of them making it out alive, he must use the Gundam and all of its power. However, that power comes with the weight of all the lives he has taken and all the lives he has failed to defend, and Amuro is finding the guilt hard to bear.

Personality... socially awkward, self-doubting, and often fearful, but with the inner strength to protect those he cares for. Amuro may have the same love of machines as his father, but unlike his father, he always puts humans first, and finds it incredibly hard to fire at mobile suits with living pilots inside. But even when his stress, guilt, and personal insecurities overwhelm him, Amuro always manages to find the strength to protect his friends– and should someone he cares about be killed, his anger is terrible to behold.


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