Amsterdam Vallon
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Amsterdam Vallon

Gangs of New York

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About Him

Grew Up... in an Irish orphanage named Hellgate House of Reform during the early 1800’s after his father was murdered during one of the worst fights in New York’s history. Amsterdam still recalls the candles that were placed on his father’s body after his death.

Living... in Manhattan’s lower east side. Amsterdam moved back into his old neighborhood after leaving the orphanage and found that Bill the Butcher, his father’s nemesis, still terrorized the city.

Profession... gang member. Amsterdam has aligned himself with the most connected man in New York City, Boss Tweed. Tweed has grand plans for NYC, including building a new city hall and implementing a new city motto.

Relationship Status... dating Jenny. Amsterdam respectfully describes her as “a Bluget, a girl pickpocket and a turtledove. A turtledove picks out a fine house, disguises herself as a housemaid and robs you blind. It takes a lot of sand to be a turtledove." It’s truly too bad that Jenny is secretly also involved with the Butcher.

Challenge... grandiosely getting rid of the Butcher, who murdered his father and 43 other men. Vallon is determined to first take one of Butcher’s eyes, and then dismember him piece by piece. Ever specific in his revenge plans, he states, “When you kill a king, you don’t stab him in the dark. You kill him where the entire court can watch him die.”

Personality... vengeful and troubled. Jenny accurately says that he's just using everyone as a way to settle his own ghosts.

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