Amon Goeth
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Amon Goeth

Schindler's List

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Overview… Austrian-born lieutenant in the SS who is carrying out the final solution. He has arrived in Plaszow, a suburb of Krakow, to oversee the construction of a new concentration camp. He often lounges on his balcony of his Plaszow villa with rifle close at hand so that if he feels so compelled, he can shoot unsuspecting Jews below in the square. For Goeth, this is but a form of hunting, and Jews are fair game.

Personality… callous and pitiless. For Goeth, Jews are no better than rats, sub-humans that are best when they are dead. He believes that it would be “cruel” to give them hope – better to never let them out from under the heel of his boot. His views are firmly in line with the Nazi dogma, and he carries out his orders with great enthusiasm. Nobody in Krakow dares confront him, at least not openly – which is why factory owner Oskar Schindler is so careful to ply Goeth with bribes and expensive gifts as he tries to save his Jewish workers.

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