Steven Universe
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… somewhere far away, if you can say she grew up at all. Like all the Gems, Amethyst’s real origins are a mystery. Where did she come from? And why is she living in Beach City, a small seaside town?

Living… in a temple shaped like a giant woman, on the shores of Beach City, with two other Gems (Garnet and Pearl) and Steven Universe, a half-Gem kid. The Gems used to live with Steven’s mother, Rose Quartz, but she disappeared when Steven was born.

Profession… Crystal Gem, defender of the world against attacks from monsters. Amethyst is a gem, alien beings who draw their superpowers from the gems embedded in their bodies. Amethyst’s gem, which is in her chest, allows her to form a magical extendable whip and to change her body’s shape. But the young-at-heart Amethyst is also the most like Steven of the Gems, and many of her interests align with his. Sometimes this gets her in trouble – like when she should be focusing on her job instead of playing around.

Interests… saving the world, but also having a good time. While Pearl and Garnet are very dedicated to their cause, Amethyst is easily distractible. She likes to eat crazy concoctions of ingredients, including things that might not actually be edible, and play video games.

Relationship Status… single. But unlike the other Gems, Amethyst shows a lot of interest in human beings.

Challenge…. fighting back the monsters that insist on attacking Beach City. Whether those monsters are after the Gems, Steven, Beach City, or the earth itself is a mystery.

Personality… loud, reckless, and fun-loving. Other than Steven, Amethyst is the Gem most likely to get told off by Garnet or Pearl for doing something dangerous. She can also be hot-tempered at times. But out of the three of them, she’s by far the most personable and outgoing.


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