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Amelia Brand


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Living… in the midst of a global agricultural meltdown. A relentless crop blight has devastated food production on a global scale and human society is in dire straits. The crisis is worsening, and in 50 years Earth will no longer be habitable.

Profession... biologist at NASA, where her father Dr. John Brand serves as director. The blight has rendered government funding all but non-existent and NASA now operates incognito. With the trusty robot TARS at her side, Brand (which is what everyone calls her) works to assemble an “ice tray” of cryogenically frozen sperm and egg specimens to be used to populate foreign planets with humans once Earth becomes totally inhabitable. Hey, no one said saving humanity from extinction would be pretty.

Interests… none. She doesn’t have time for avocational pursuits. Rather, Brand is devoting her entire life to seeing that mankind survives the crop blight. She is truly a woman on a mission.

Relationship Status… single. Brand was once in love with another scientist by the name of Edmunds, but he was one of three scientists sent through a wormhole to conduct research on planets surrounding the black hole Gargantua to determine their suitability for hosting and sustaining human life. It is unlikely that Brand will ever see Edmunds again, but 10 years after his departure, she has not forgotten about him.

Challenge… saving the human race.Joined aboard the Endurance by robots TARS and CASE, fellow scientists Romilly and Doyle, and pilot Cooper, Brand heads through the wormhole to retrieve data from Edmunds, Miller, and Mann, each of whom is conducting research on a different planet. This expedition will be NASA’s last; there is no room for error.

Personality… serious, aloof, and stubborn. Brand doesn’t really smile and is fairly socially awkward, probably from spending so much time around TARS. Unlike Cooper, she views TARS more as a tool than as a sentient being. Her conversational style is straightforward, no-nonsense, and terse; a means to an end. But despite her clinical way of treating life, Brand is sure never to lose touch with the spiritual powers that be.

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