Amber Atkins

Amber Atkins

    Drop Dead Gorgeous
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up... without knowing her dad. Instead, Amber lives with her mother in a trailer home where the fridge is full of Coors and the ground strewn with cigarette butts. But though her mother may drink and smoke too much, Amber deeply loves and appreciates her. As Amber tells her, “I know you sacrificed everything— relationships, dreams, your tummy, ass and thighs— all to bring me into this world.”

Living... in the tiny town of Mount Rose, Minnesota.  The town doesn’t have much going for it— its welcoming billboard boasts that it’s “Home of the World’s Oldest Living Lutheran.” Amber is desperate to find a way out of Mount Rose, lest she end up like her mother, who also grew up there.

Profession... high school student, but Amber also works two jobs to earn some money. She's a dishwasher at the school and a beautician at the funeral home, both of which are admittedly not the most glamorous jobs.

Interests... tap dancing. Amber's mother has had her in tap shoes since she could first walk, and she's a natural at it. With her talent and passion for tap dancing, Amber could finally fulfill of dream of escaping the tiny, boring town she was born in.

Challenge... winning the American Teen Princess Pageant, her only ticket out of Mount Rose. The pageant provides personal growth, scholarship, travel, and the chance to meet a few celebrities. If she wins the pageant in her hometown, Amber hopes to make it all the way to Lincoln, Alabama to compete for the national title. Unfortunately, the competition is fierce— even deadly.

Personality... sweet, talented, and the “most smartest” of all the girls in town, according to her mom. Ambitious and eager to see the world, Amber’s willing to work really hard to come out on top in this pageant.


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