Amanda Beckett
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Amanda Beckett

Can't Hardly Wait

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About Her

Grew Up… somewhere other than the same Pennsylvania town as the rest of her classmates, since she transferred into their school in October of freshman year.

Living… in her parents’ house, but about to start her life in the real world like the rest of her graduating class. However, a reality check just before graduation makes Amanda wonder whether she’s going to make it outside of high school.

Profession… none, since she’s still in high school. Prom queens don’t have jobs.

Interests… her boyfriend, gossiping with her friends, going to parties. Normal popular high school girl stuff. Unfortunately, Amanda hasn’t really thought much about what she might do if her life changed from the prom queen ideal she’s living. When that change does happen, she isn’t sure what to do.

Relationship Status… single, sadly. Her boyfriend Mike Dexter broke up with her right before graduation so that he’ll be free to hook up with other women when he goes off to college. However, Preston Myers, another graduating senior, has something he’d like to confess to her if he can just get the opportunity…

Challenge… finding a sense of self-worth. Since Mike broke up with her, Amanda has been feeling unsure if she’s valued for anything other than being the hot girl to get with. The way other boys have been treating her like a piece of meat sure isn’t helping. She needs to find someone to appreciate her for who she is, rather than just what she looks like.

Personality… sweet and kind, the perfect high school sweetheart. Amanda is a genuinely nice person, despite her popularity. However, her self-esteem has been pretty low since the breakup. Without a boyfriend, and with high school ending, Amanda is now worried that her only value is her looks, and that she’ll just get abandoned again as soon as someone more interesting comes along. She wants someone to relate to on more than a superficial level.

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