Alyssa Jones
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Alyssa Jones

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About Her

Grew up… in the suburbs of New Jersey. There wasn’t much to do in her hometown of Middletown, N.J., so she spent her formative years hanging out at the Eden Prairie mall of Menlo Park.

Living… alone in a small apartment in New Jersey. She doesn’t make much money and couldn’t afford a place in Manhattan.

Profession... writer. She writes a comic strip called Idiosyncratic Routine. She's happy if anyone reads her strip. As she says, "There's very little market for hearts and flowers in this spandex-clad, big pecs, big breasts, big guns field. If I sell two issues, I feel like John Grisham."

Interests… hanging out at Meow Mix, a trendy bar in Manhattan for lesbians.

Relationship Status... single. She’s always been very experimental. As she puts it, "Maybe others know early on that their track was from point A to B, but I am different. I was not given a map at birth, so I tried it all!" She identifies as a lesbian, but she’s not exclusively into girls.

Challenge... getting feelings for Holden, another writer she met at a comic book convention. She hasn’t dated guys in a long time, and worse yet, Holden’s best friend doesn’t approve. In fact, he’s been digging up dirt on Alyssa’s past, trying to get Holden to lose interest in her.

Personality... intelligent, charming, and spirited. She’s the type of woman worth chasing after.

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