Alonzo Harris
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Alonzo Harris

Training Day

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About Him

Living… as a cop in South Central Los Angeles, gang capital of the world. He’s hard because the gangs are hard. He uses drugs because the gangs use drugs. Alonzo has an interesting method of police work, but his unique “as the Romans do” strategy might be what wins him the respect and praise he receives from fellow officers on the force.

Profession… detective with the LAPD. Alonzo is a narcotics officer, renowned for taking down dozens of drug dealers, and for being a man of the streets. He doesn’t seem to answer to any commanding officer in the LAPD – except, of course, for the “Three Wise Men,” police officials who essentially run both sides of the law.

Interests… money and undercover operations. Alonzo is excited by gun fights in the streets of LA. He likes nothing better than shooting a gangster dead. And he makes shootouts a day-to-day norm.

Relationship Status… married. He has a Salvadoran mistress, and they have a young son together. Alonzo provides for his son, but he obviously isn’t around as much as his family would like.

Challenge… surviving another day in the gulch while training a new narcotics officer named Jake. He might think that he’s the head honcho around these parts (“King Kong ain’t got [nothin'] on me!”) but there are a lot of dangerous twists and turns around every corner.

Personality… suave, shady, and quick to deceive. He’d argue that this is how you need to act to survive. He considers himself a master of the streets. Acting like a gangster is how you beat gangsters, after all.

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