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Grew up… in the magical world of Dreamside. Her father is the ultra-rich Lord Cabbage, her brother just got into the best magic school in the world, and Almond herself is training to be a knight. Sound awesome? It is.

Living… the dream! Almond has always wanted to go on a quest, and now she finally has the chance. An evil queen has taken over their kingdom, and summoned the Nightmare Knight, a shadowy menace that will allow the queen to achieve world domination. Finally, something to fight.

Profession… knight-in-training. Almond is already pretty good with a sword, and she’s going to get even better on this quest.

Interests… watching Punisher Pumice, her favorite TV show. It’s about a heroine who saves her kingdom. Almond learned everything she knows about being a knight from that TV show, which is great because it’s so relevant to her current adventure.

Relationship Status… single. Almond is still pretty young.

Challenge… saving the world. The problem is, for some reason her nerdy older brother Cucumber was given the title of Legendary Hero. Almond – and Cucumber too, actually – knows that she’s much more qualified. So against the wishes of her parents, Almond has accompanied Cucumber on his unwilling quest to defeat the Nightmare Knight. She’ll probably end up saving him a whole bunch.

Personality… brave, enthusiastic, and a little violent. Almond definitely cares about saving the world, but it’s possible she cares more about kicking butt and taking names. And looking cool while doing it, of course. She’s a little too into the fighting part, but she’s always there for her brother when it comes down to it. Almond doesn’t let anything scare her, and she’s willing to prove how unafraid she is by sassing anything, no matter how dangerous.

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