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Grew up… in New York’s high society. Alma was raised with all of the rules of civilization. She is a polite, courteous and eloquent woman who, at first, does not take well to the harsh environment of the frontier.

Visiting… the Deadwood miner’s camp with her adventurous husband, Brom Garret. Alma has followed her husband on what she thinks is a futile mission to find gold. She knows that her husband is not fit for the lawless camp of Deadwood, and encourages them to leave as soon as possible. 

Profession… housewife. Mrs. Garret doesn’t spend her time doing much of anything. Unfortunately, she’s fallen ill and has formed a dangerous habit with her opium-based medication.

Relationship Status… married. Though when tragedy strikes the Garret family, Alma finds herself falling into the company of the handsome and (seemingly) eligible Seth Bullock. Seth is the kind of man who is capable of protecting a woman in the dangerous Deadwood.

Challenge… making a new life for herself on the uncivilized frontier. Alma’s life in New York seems so far away now that she’s stranded in the Dakota Territory with only her medication to comfort her. The oft-melancholy Mrs. Garret needs to find something to live for in Deadwood.

Personality… troubled and scared. Alma’s upper-class reserve isn’t compatible with the wild atmosphere in Deadwood. As she says, “I’ve wished sometimes only to play checkers or to occupy myself some other way than having to see and feel so much sadness, or feel every moment how difficult things are, to understand or to live with.” Maybe if she had someone to care for, like a lover or a child, she could find some purpose. Things can change quickly in Deadwood, and Alma needs them to change for the better. 

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