Allison Reynolds

Allison Reynolds

    The Breakfast Club
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Growing Up… in Shermer, Ill, which is a suburb that is way too normal for someone like her. 

Visiting... detention with four very different students. Shermer High School is the place where Allison spends most of her time. Even when she doesn’t have to be there, she doesn’t really have anything better to do so she ends up hanging out there anyway. Maybe she’ll make some new friends out of this ragtag group of troubled youths.

Profession… high school outcast. Allison doesn’t seem to take much interest in classes—or anything at all, for that matter. If scratching dandruff out of your hair could be a profession, Allison would probably take it.

Interests… sugar. She tosses the lunchmeat out of her sandwich and replaces it with cereal and some extra sugar packets. She may not be sweet, but her palette is. Her other favorite activities include hiding under her shaggy black hair and giving herself tattoos with ballpoint pens. 

Relationship Status… single. She claims to be a nymphomaniac, but quickly confesses that she has never had sex—she’s just a “compulsive liar.” Deep down, she would like a relationship, but it seems like you have to love yourself before you can really love someone else.

Challenge… disproving her own prognosis that “when you grow up, your heart dies.” This idea seems to truly trouble her, as she and the rest of the “Breakfast Club” discuss their parents and their strained relationships. She really, really doesn’t want to lose the feelings she has now, as a young, strange spirit of the world.

Personality… secretive and mysterious. She hides her face under dark hair, wears only dark clothes, and buries her head in her desk instead of answering questions with words. But once she starts to open up, you start to realize that Allison is less freakish than she is fearful of rejection and getting hurt, like many teenagers.


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