Allison Cameron
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Allison Cameron

House M.D.

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About Her

Living... alone in New Jersey. But Cameron spends most of her time at the hospital at which she works. 

Profession... immunologist on a team of diagnostic specialists at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Cameron and her two colleagues – Dr. Robert Chase and Dr. Eric Foreman – were handpicked by the unconventional Dr. Gregory House. 

Interests... human life. As a doctor, it is natural to feel passionately about the sanctity of life, but Cameron's enthusiasm runs deeper. She feels the need to do anything and everything in her power to help her patients, feeling genuinely upset as well when she is unable to aid them. House says she is driven by the desire to “fix everything that isn’t perfect.”

Relationship Status... complicated. Prior to working at the hospital, Cameron married a terminally ill man who died soon after. She quickly develops feelings for House after starting at Princeton-Plainsboro, but soon realizes how jaded House is. Later, she starts a relationship with her colleague Chase, despite her continued feelings for House.

Challenge... reconciling her idealism with the realities of her job. Cameron has a very idealistic set of beliefs, which proves extremely conflicting for someone working in an occupation that deals with dying patients on a regular basis. Her school of thought definitely contributes to her caring nature and honesty as a doctor, but also makes her work more much more emotionally trying. She has great difficulty breaking bad news to patients, for instance, and always wants to tell them the truth even when a white lie – or even the whoppers that House regularly tells – might arguably be better for the patient.

Personality... good-natured and caring, but a touch insecure. Cameron displays confidence in her profession but also deals with a good amount of self-doubt, especially surrounding her interactions with House. She worries a lot about how she is perceived by others but is generally a very sincere and kind person; she just lets her emotions influence her more than she should at times. Other times though, it’s precisely her empathetic nature that makes her a good doctor and friend.

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