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Allison Blake


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About Her

Grew up… a genius. Allison has two PhD’s and once worked as a medical doctor. She’s razor-sharp smart.

Living… in Eureka, Oregon. It’s a town you won’t find on any map, because it’s populated entirely by geniuses working on the latest scientific breakthroughs. The biggest player in town is Global Dynamics, a corporation that takes the science produced by Eureka’s geniuses and finds ways to monetize it.

Profession… liaison between Global Dynamics and the Pentagon. Allison represents the Department of Defense’s interests in the findings of Eureka’s citizens, especially since a lot of the discoveries are dangerous or can easily be weaponized. She has the ability to veto projects that are too hazardous, or to otherwise control the research at Global Dynamics.

Interests… spending time with her son, Kevin; science; and baseball. But work takes up a lot of her time.

Relationship Status… estranged from her second husband, Nathan. Unfortunately, he also works at Global Dynamics. Whenever the two meet, sparks fly – in the set-something-on-fire way, not in the potential-romance way. Allison’s nice to everyone except for Nathan. The new sheriff, Jack Carter, seems to have a crush on her, but Allison isn’t ready to play that game just yet.

Challenge…surviving the disasters that constantly afflict the town. Ice tornadoes of death, evil robots, and countless other scientific experiments gone awry have a tendency to threaten the safety of Eureka’s citizens. Allison’s often right in the middle of solving the problem, which means she’s also right in the middle of the danger zone.

Personality… practical, intelligent, and caring. Allison is under a lot of pressure, but she is determined to rise to the occasion every time. She’s surrounded by difficult geniuses, and she’s the one who has to make them behave, so she’s like the mother of the town. Although her primary job is managing other people, she’s outstanding in her own right—articulate, friendly, but smarter than just about anybody.

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