Allen Gamble
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Allen Gamble

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About Him

Overview… a NYPD detective who loves nothing more than his desk. Allen Gamble could sit behind it all day – finishing paperwork, filing folders, and doing accounts. But Terry Hoitz, his hot-tempered and irritable partner, is determined that they prove themselves to be the best policemen on the force, or at least in the precinct. Unfortunately, this means that Allen has to leave the comfort of his desk and head out into the dangerous streets of New York City.

Personality… intelligent, but mild-mannered and extremely cautious. Allen is a stickler for rules and a huge fan of routine. He’s a desk jockey and incredibly happy to be one. Sure, all his fellow policemen tease him for being a useless wimp, but Allen doesn’t care. He’s fine with anything as long as he is able to stay out of trouble. 

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